Native Clipboard




A clipboard full of features




Native Clipboard is a tool to copy text snippets to your clipboard and access them in a really convenient way at any time. Just double-tap the place where you'll insert your text to open a menu at the bottom of the screen. Here you can quickly insert any note. Tap once on the note you want and that's it.

In the setup options you can select the size and color of the font your notes will be saved in. You can also rearrange all your notes into a particular order. By default the notes are arranged from newest to oldest.

The best part about Native Clipboard is not just that you can open up the clipboard at any time, but also that you can edit the texts you've copied. Just tap any clip to start editing it. If you don't want to keep a snippet on your clipboard after it's been pasted just swipe your finger across it to delete. It's that easy.

Native Clipboard is an excellent tool for anyone who uses his or her Android to write on a regular basis. It's one of those apps you start using and later wonder why it took you so long to install it.